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1. Get in touch

Meet people just like you and come together. Speak directly to each other or join the conversation in the Forum.

Follow other members and browse through cool items and offers.

2. Earn Points

Dshini offers a unique system to earn and redeem points.

Sell items or get credited for stuff you do online, like completing tasks, playing games or watching videos. It's that simple!

3. Shop for free

What do you want?

Use the marketplace and turn your points into gift cards or items.

Invite friends to unlock even more awesome Dshini rewards with massive discounts!

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Any questions? The Dshini knows best.

What are Dshins?

Your points on Dshini
Dshins are your virtual currency you'll get as an active member. You can trade in your Dshins to swap any kinds of rewards.

Easy and Fun

There are various possibilities
Offer Walls - Log in - Sell your items - Invite friends - Play games - Watch videos and many more

How to swap Dshins?

Save up to 100%

Swap your Dshins in the marketplace into a variety of great rewards, win excellent prizes at bargain prices or donate your points for charity.

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Where can I get answers?

FAQs will help you

Do you have more questions on the Dshini Marketplace? Why not have a look at the faqs.

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What does it cost?

It's totally free.
You do not need to pay anything on Dshini. Dshini is generating money through advertising. All you have to do is creating your own account.

What? Mm?

Get support
If there are any further questions on Dshini feel free to contact us. The answer will automatically be sent to your mailbox on Dshini.

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